Monday, March 12, 2012


The only way to handle repetitive tasks, are to automate them. After getting fed up starting n cmd consoles and n "Set Startup Projects - Multiple Startup Projects" in Visual Studio, it was time to do something, and this is the result.

This application is a small helper app I wrote for starting multiple NServiceBus services for a given profile. It will monitor the process status of the host and show it in the GUI


  • Load and save the current application set to a xml file
  • Hides the console application from the taskbar
  • Double click an item in the list to bring the process to front
  • Kill all processes (from menu)
  • Modify profile for a given application (right click the application)

You can get the source from GitHub:

settings file

The application supports Drag & Drop so you can drag the NServiceBus.Host.exe file on the application and you we will be asked for a profile to be assigned.

The settings file for an applicationset is an array of filenames to execute, and a profile that will be passed as an argument.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<SettingsDocument xmlns:xsi="" 


CTRL+OOpen an application set file
CTRL+SSave the current configuration
CTRL+RStart all applications that are not running. If no rows are selected then all the applications will be started. If you do explicit selection, only those selected will be started.


The application requires .NET 4.0 installed.


Latest version:

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